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Performance Incentive & Recognition Programs are all about motivating and rewarding valuable employees and customers with an unforgettable experience. California Host understands the importance to impress the attendee while delivering a measurable return on investment to our client. We do this through communicating clear goals and outcomes desired. Our events are perfect for Sales Incentives, Performance Recognitions, Awards Programs, and much more.

"Even after 30 years of working with California Host you are still able to wow us with your creativity."
- Apple

We can deliver the dream incentive program in any country using exotic locations, first class hotels, outstanding venues for events and a large variety of leisure activities. Whether you want a private lunch on the Great Wall of China, a finale event on Alcatraz or a private tour of the Vatican, trust California Host to manage the details and create the wow factor. It is always the unique experiences that the attendees remember their entire lives. We have operated Sales Incentives & other Performance Recognition Programs all over the world - London, San Francisco, Sydney, Chiang Mai, Paris...with California Host, the world is at your feet.

Call us at 415-646-0350 to begin planning the perfect incentive or to find out where the hottest destinations are.

Performance Incentive & Recognition Programs Include:

  • Program Design
  • Air and Ground Transportation
  • Site Selection
  • Budget Management
  • Food & Beverage Planning
  • On-site Management
  • Entertainment
  • Web Registration
  • Database Management
  • Speakers & Facilitators
  • Gift Fulfillment

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California Host Clients

Apple, The Oprah Winfrey Show, United Airlines, Google, Microsoft, ING

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